A visual approach to travel planning.

From road trips to world-spanning adventures, see whats possible on your next trip with the help from a community of awesome itineraries.


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Planning a trip can be stressful. From booking transportation to figuring out destinations and activities - it takes time and lots preparation. With stress being something we should all avoid, go ahead, download LittlePlanet and make the planning stage as enjoyable as the trip itself. See you out there!


See where others have been before you to see what all your destination has to offer


Easily plan and organize all aspects of your trip from start to finish


Book your entire trip from transportation to accommodation, powered by SkyScanner

Do it all with LittlePlanet.

Dig through detailed itineraries

Discover unique places from those who have traveled before you. Copy trips, read reviews, and engage with the travel community.

A visual Day-by-Day itinerary builder

Travel planning is made easy with our visual day-by-day itinerary planner.

Build trips with others in your travel group.

Traveling with a group used to be difficult. Not anymore! From a family trip to a large company retreat you can now work together to help plan something for everyone.

Booking all your transportation and accommodation.

Be confident you're getting all the best deals on your flights, hotels, and car rentals with our search engine powered by SkyScanner.

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There are unique experiences around every corner.

The world is filled with strange and wonderful things: from colorful lights in the Icelandic night sky, to bubbling mud pools in Azerbaijan. Find your path and plan your journey with help from LittlePlanet.

Explore trips taken by other travelers

Dig through detailed itineraries to craft your ideal trip. Copy the whole trip or take the pieces that interests you and craft a trip all your own.

Take it with you and stay on track.

From tickets and reservations, to directions and offline maps you can travel in confidence knowing everything you need is in your back pocket.
Offline Maps & Directions
Download maps for turn by turn directions offline.
Day-by-Day Itinerary
See whats planned for each day and stay on track.
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